2010 Fall Camp
September 24-26, 2010
Stony Plain, AB


Well Fall Camp Started very early for us in Stony Plain. We were able to access the facility all day due to a PD day. (I love school!!) After a long set up and picking up Shihan Don from the airport, our guests started to arrive. Soon enough the training started. Shihan had layed out a very intensive weekend. Session 1 was a 2 hour fighting session. Very tough but so worth it. A Wonderful spagetti supper was served late in the evening but was it ever good. 6:30 am brought the next session and a group of tired eyed students proceeded from the dorms to the dojo. Shihan directed us in a session of taikyoku kumite drill. For those that have never had this training, boy did you miss out! The 3rd training was the 1-8 Ippon kumite's. For some of us a blast from the past for others a great new experience. Training number 4, wow are we getting tired now!! Another 2 hour session on ido geiko and how it translates to fighting.....another great session. After supper Shihan Don led us in a 1.5 hour session on Tamishi wari. Every one got a great lesson in physics. After the training the broken boards were moved to the fire pit. A beautiful evening of music and story telling was had. Many funny stories from Kyokushin past were presented by many people. Sunday morning was review of Tekki 1-3.  Now breakfast. Wow have we had 5 sessions already? Session 6 was one of the famous Shihan Don goshin jitsu sessions. A lot of eyes were opened and for me it was great to be back with Shihan as part of the demo. Now it's the end. Wow what a great experience. As an organizer I have gained a great respect for those that have hosted these camps for years. I would like to thank Shihan Don who said he would be here from the beginning OSU!!!  Sensei Larry also brought a crew from Armstrong to attend. Osu Sensei!! My personal hilight of the camp was having my Sensei, Sensei Leo from Langley attend, Osu Sensei!! Thanks you to all who attened because without you we have no camp, OSU!! Plans are under way for next year, hope to see you there.


 Steve Doyle
 Stony Plain 




Friday started early with last minute errands and preparations for camp.  Excitement for the camp was starting to build and build as the participants arrived for check in.  The first training session was at 6:30pm and was started off with kihon and ended with fighting training.  After a late supper, there was some time to socialize and form some new friendships or catch up with friends not seen in a while.  Saturday training began at 6:30am and Shihan Don taught me a new way of looking at some basic kata.  We started with taikyoku 1 and gradually stepped it up to relate it better to actual fighting training.  I had never done this kata so many different ways before and I think that may have been one of the most important things I learned at this camp.  Then we moved on to teki and the class was split into 2 groups , Sensei Larry teaching the lower belts teki 1 and breaking down the individual moves of this kata for us.  At the 10am session Shihan went over several ippon kumites.  The afternoon sessions focus was self defence and the evening session was all about board breaking.  Shihan took a lot of time explaining the dynamics and physics of board breaking which was very informative and helpful.  Tameshiwari was by far my favourite part of camp.  After this session everyone gathered outside around a nice campfire courtesy of all the broken boards and we got to enjoy some guitar playing and singing as well as hearing wonderful stories being shared by Shihan and the Senseis who have been training and teaching Kyokushin for many years.  Sunday morning training began, once again at 6:30am and we reviewed the taikyoku kumite drills and then broke into groups again.  Sensei Larry reviewed teki 1 with us and then moved on to pinan 1, 2 and 3.  At 10am, for our final training session of the camp, Shihan reviewed what was covered over the course of the weekend and then continued with goshin jitsu training.   I have attended several summer camps and what stands out for me with this camp is that there was opportunity for getting some one on one coaching, especially with the goshin jitsu and tameshiwari.  I hope that everyone enjoyed the camp as much as I did and that we will be fortunate enough to host this camp for many years to come.



Bettina Hoffmann
Stony Plain Kyokushin Karate