(Revised October 2007))






The International Karate Organization Kyokushinkaikan (Canada) is responsible for establishing and administering Canadian standards; certifying and regulating Canadian instructors; and providing direction and administrative support to affiliated dojos. Participants in the IKOK-C have the opportunity:


·        To fulfil their potential for personal development in the Kyokushin way, regardless of age and ability level.


·        To develop a high level of skill in the martial arts, including mental and physical discipline, to be able to defend themselves in threatening situations.


·        To participate in knockdown/contact fighting






·        To provide instruction in Kyokushin Karate in accordance with National and International standards

·        To ensure all Kyokushin Karate instructors are qualified and certified in accordance with National and International standards

·        To accept all students who are willing and able to accept the values of the organization, regardless of nationality, religion, age, ability or other differentiating characteristics.

·        To organize National and International events which allow all students the opportunity to participate both competitively, recreationally and socially.

·        To establish and enforce Canadian standards, meeting or exceeding International standards, for teaching, promotions, coaching and judging that will ensure fair play to all students and participants.

·        To provide direction and support to member dojos and assist them to meet the standards of the IKOK-C

·        To develop and implement a marketing strategy that will promote Kyokushin Karate in Canada and increase student enrolment in member dojos and attendance at local, regional and national events.

·        To reorganize the IKOK-C into an effective governing body that will oversee the administrative, technical, financial, an other business and training aspects of Kyokushin Karate in Canada.

·        To develop and continually improve teaching and training manuals, videos, and other materials to assist instructors and students.

·        To disseminate information to all members that will benefit their training and participation in Kyokushin Karate.

·        To remain true to Sosai Oyamafs teachings and the fundamentals of Kyokushin Karate that he practiced.

·        To develop a program for training world-class fighters that is open to all students who meet pre-established criteria for fitness, ability, participation and dedication within the IKOK-C.





The International Karate Organization Kyokushinkaikan (Canada) sees a future wherein:


·        The IKOK-C would represent all participants in Kyokushin; Mas Oyama related styles of karate.

·        The IKOK-C would be recognized as the organization best representing all styles of karate in Canada.

·        A Canadian gHonbuh (headquarters) would provide a permanent home for all aspects of the IKOK-C.

·        The IKOK-C would receive sufficient financial rewards and revenue to be fiscally viable and profitable enough to undertake all the activities required to fulfil it mission.

·        The name gKyokushinh would become synonymous with karate.

·        Attendance and participation at all levels of the organization would include all students, their families and friends.

·        The organization would be structured in a way that provides sound leadership and allows member participation that is both sustainable and responsive.

·        The IKOK-C would be a world leader in the growth of Kyokushin and a highly valued participant in the International Karate Organization (I.K.O.).

·        The IKOK-C would be receptive to new ideas and open to input from all members and constantly strive to improve as an organization dedicated to the Kyokushin Way.