Winter Camp 2012
March 16-18, 2012
Silver Lake Forestry Centre, Peachland,  BC



Winter Camp 2012 was another in a long list of memorable IKOK-C events.

One wonders why going for a long drive in winter conditions, sleeping in a cabin with 19 other guys (18 of them snore) and getting up on your days off at 5:00 a.m. is so memorable and so appealing? There must be a reason or two.

In fact there are many reasons:

·         The IKOK-C is an organization that strives to train its members to the best of our individual abilities by developing and insisting on a high standard. One only has to look at the quality of instruction that we were exposed to at this camp. The total effort by them to ensure that the standard of our karate will remain high is evident by the conscious effort to ensure consistency in our basics and kata is very much appreciated.

·         The only thanks they get is knowing that they are doing their best to pass on the years and decades of knowledge they have acquired. It is then up to us to thank them by training to the best of our ability and to then pass that on to our students.

·         I would like to thank all of the instructors for their training; Shihan Don, Sensei’s Larry, Terry, Leo and Brad. Shihan Stuart for making the trip a priority so soon after surgery and Sempai Kathy for all of the organizational work.

·         The atmosphere is one of friendship and mutual respect and this is another very important part of the appeal of these events…. Making friends 

After the hard training, and for dan candidates, the breaking, exams and interviews one can feel pretty sore and tired…..but that is a small price to pay for what we get out of it. 

Where else can you stand and train with world class instruction, on a frozen snow covered lake in the predawn blackness under a starlit sky with a crescent moon lighting your path? Winter Camp…that’s where. 

Thanks to all who participated, as we all learn something from each other no matter what belt grade, experience or age. 


Bill Stalker

Rocky Mountain Dojo

Winter camp report  

The IKOK Canada winter camp was once again held at Peachland B.C on March 16th, 17th and 18th.

This year the camp registration filled up very quickly and there was a large number of Dan candidates in attendance. 

Although the training camp officially began on Friday March 16th, we were delayed by bad weather and dangerous driving conditions and we were not able to arrive at camp until that Saturday afternoon.

When we did arrive at the camp, we quickly joined everyone for dinner and then it was time to do the written test and the interview for all Dan candidates. After the tests and interviews were completed, there was some time in the later evening for conversation and some time to relax before heading back to the cabins.

Sunday morning training came quickly, and it was great to be out early in the morning training in the fresh, cold, mountain air.

As I had missed the tameshiwari earlier on the Saturday, I was re-scheduled to complete it at the end of the Sunday morning early training session. With the support of the entire group, I was able to successfully break all of the boards which I was required to break.

After the early morning training was complete, it was time for breakfast. We had a very nice meal, and cleaned up and, unfortunately, had to get ready for the drive back to Victoria before the next training session began.

Although it was a shorter camp experience, training with all of the wonderful people at Kyokushin Canada's events always leaves me with new knowledge, a positive experience, and new goals to work on. 

I want to thank IKOK Canada for hosting another wonderful winter camp this year, and all of the hard work and organization put into making it another great success! 


Mike McDougall
Victoria Dojo


We arrived at Silver Lake winter camp after a long drive through both good and difficult road conditions.  Once the drive was over I was excited to return to my favorite camp as the focus of winter camp is on karate training and karate relationships. 

I really appreciated that the camp instructors concentrated on the standardization of the basics and of the kata.  All of the instructors Shihan Don, Sensei’s Larry, Leo, Terry & Brad worked hard to ensure that we were given the best possible information and assistance in all of the sessions offered.   

Shihan Stuart demonstrated the true meaning of Osu which is to persevere under pressure.  I was so impressed that he came to camp so soon after major surgery on his back.  That was truly inspiring. 

All of the training sessions kata, self-defense & fighting were great.  I was reminded as always at how much more there is to learn as Kyokushin Karate provides for lifelong learning.   In the self-defense and fighting sessions a few simple techniques were taught but putting the combinations together was more of a challenge than most people expected.  I was delighted to hear how excited and inspired the younger students were after each session. 

Training in the dark outside in the cold at 6 am might sound unpleasant but on Sunday morning nothing could be further from the truth.  The lake was frozen at a depth that made it safe for us to train on the ice.  Above the lake the late night sky was clear and dark laced with twinkling stars and a crescent moon that hung over the mountains in the distance.   

In all it was another well organized camp where so much was offered and we can only hope that we trained hard enough to repay the instructors for all of their planning and hard work. 


Maxine: Rocky Mountain Dojo

Osu All:

Just back from the IKOK(C) winter training camp at Silver Lake Camp outside of Summerland in the beautiful Okanagan Valley.

After a 7 hour drive over snow covered roads we arrived, unloaded our Dojo’s contribution to the weekend, mats, kicking shields and various other bits of fighting paraphernalia and then proceeded to make up our beds in the camps sleeping quarters. Once fully encamped we changed into our gi’s and headed for our first training. At the start of the session Shihan Don Corrigal gave us the camp rules and then outlined the weekends focus. This weekend theme was a standardization of execution in techniques and Kata for Dojo’s and Dojo instructors, this has been a recurring theme and one that is extremely important for an organisation covering such a number of Dojo’s with a variety of students.

Friday night we covered off a basics warm up to get the joints going and then on to Kata to cover execution, timing and some bunkai. Supper was cooked by the YMCA staff who have recently taken over operations of the camp…then off to bed at 10 P.M.

Oh look! Its 5:00 A.M. and time to get up for second training at 6:00 A.M., gi’s on and away we go for a nice run along the winter roads with the snow crunching happily beneath our feet, then down to the lake to run basics and some combinations while we watch the snow fall around us. Very cool! Back to the training hall to work on Kata with a focus on correct execution and timing though out the Dojo operators and assistant instructors. Each 2 hour class on Saturday had a different theme with a different Sensei or Shihan, Sensei Brad from Calgary ran us through the 1st Taikyoku using a different stance or combination of stance with every step and then starting from the opposite side. Sensei Larry of Armstrong and Sensei Leo from Langley took us through several kata covering off the correct execution of techniques and their actual bunkai as it would be used in actual self defense.

Shihan Don from Cranbrook presented a vigorous class on self defense and with only a few basic techniques covered managed to have us a big sweaty mess at the end of it Thanks to Kaylene for being my partner, the bruises are healing nicely.

Saturday also saw the Dan Candidates do the board breaking component of their grading process…the applicants made every effort to turn their boards into kindling and were for the most part successful, a couple of candidates will have to take another try at it at Summer camp in August and I have no doubt they will prevail…practice your hearts out!

Supper was followed by a meeting for the Black Belts where Shihan Stuart covered the new website information, lots of changes to come and they look very exciting. On line event and camp applications with on line payment optionsJ, up to date dojo information, on line purchasing of equipment and gi’s, a members section and instruction section. Watch for these and more changes as they come.

Then it was time for the Dan applicants to do their written tests and go through the interview process. My best wishes for success in your grading it’s a great bunch of people who are taking an exciting step forward in their Kyokushin journey.

Sunday morning rolled around as expected, on the lake at 6 A.M. with clear blue sky and a partial moon to illuminate us as Sempai Hiro from Victoria led us through our warm up. Push ups in the snow were a nice touch and Shihan Don led us through basics followed by some fighting combinations and then back to the lodge for some advanced Kata and explanation of some of the fine points.

Breakfast was followed by our last work out for the weekend. Four 15 minutes sessions with a different focus to get us all ready for the drive home, Shihan Don warmed us with rolls, breakfalls and the ever popular “shrimps” on the mats. Sensei Leo led us through the classic Happo no Kawashi with a partner while Sensei Larry did the same thing with a self defense application for each move…thanks to Anthony for being my partner, great fun but your blinding speed is a little disconcerting. The last 15 minutes was Sensei Terry leading us through basic fighting combinations and foot work …by the end of 15 minutes we were all sweating bullets and ready for more but it was time to go…goodbyes and hugs to friends old and new and plans made for next camp or tournament we all went on separate ways with the memory of another excellent event to put in our journals.

Special thanks to Shihan Don, Shihan Stuart, Sensei’s Brad, Leo, Terry and Larry for the excellent training and to Sempai Kathy for all the work done in making it such a success. To the staff at the YMCA and Silver lake camp for feeding 80 starving easy task.

OSU: Jerry. Rocky Mountain Dojo