2012 US Weight Category Tournament
Los Angeles, USA
Jan 22, 2012

Fifteen members from Western Canada recently attended the 2012 USWC Tournament in Los Angeles.  The team was made up of seven fighters and eight supporters.



Mark Berg - 2nd - Men Super Heavyweight - Richmond East
Cole Washbrook - 3rd - Boys 12 - 14 years Heavyweight - Kitsilano
Tomomi Inoue - 3rd - Women Lightweight - Vancouver Downtown
Dallin Anderson - Richmond North
Andrew Leung - Kitsilano
Jeremy Shirley - Kitsilano
Forest Scarrwener - Kitsilano

Stuart Corrigal
Brad Gillespie
Jeremy Russell
Anthony Evangelista
Michael Simmons
Baki Cvijetinovic
Tim Pullar
Angela Fang

Special thanks to the Kyokushin Karate Clubs of Los Angeles for organizing this annual event.