3rd Annual Friendship North Okanagan Tournament
October 15, 2011
Lumby, BC


By ten-thirty  October 15th, the 3rd Annual North Okanagan
tournament was in full swing, with over 40 competitors willing to spar
and win. In every division, contact, non contact and contact 12 and
under, competitors spirits were high and they grinned with excitement. 
The day started out with non contact 12 and under, these kids paved the
way with strong spirit and a determination greater than their size; many
of these warriors stayed to continue with the contact division.  As the
day advanced up through the contact divisions we witnessed  fights that
got more intense as the teenagers showed there skills in the ring.

     The Lumby and Vernon clubs would like to thank the competitors that
gave there all, showing skill and spirit throughout the day.  We would
also like to offer our extreme thanks and gratitude to all those that
gave their time to make the tournament run smoothly: volunteers, judges,
referees and  Sensei Larry who oversaw the whole event.  Cooperation
between clubs to made this tournament a great success and will always be
the key to continued success in the organization.


Sempai Cliff Craske


Official Results

Non Contact

under 60lbs
1. Aryelea Nimchuk, Keremos
2. Joshua Roffel, Vernon
3. Ameerah Morad, Vernon

1. Kohl Mortenson, Lumby
2. Brendan Roffel, Vernon
3. Matt Stott, Oliver
3. Simon Delaroix, Vernon

1. Caitlyn Mozard, Penticton
2. Donovan Blake, Oliver
3. Niko Sage, Keremos
3. Zion Nimchuk, Keremos

1. Zak Zeolkowski, Lumby
2. Oceana Jones, Penticton

1. Noah Bower, Oliver
2. Seiji Botts, Vernon


under 60lbs
1. Ameerah Morad, Vernon
2. Issac Boam, Penticton
3. Shannon Putric, Keremos
3. Joshua Roffel, Vernon

1. Brandon Doucet, Penticton
2. Aden Inkster, Armstrong
3. Brendan Roffel, Vernon
3. Simon Delaroix, Vernon

1. Donovan Blake, Oliver
2. Niko Sage, Keremos

1. Dillion Wood, Penticton
2. Caitlyn Mozard, Penticton
3. Zak Zeolkowski, Lumby
3. Oceana Jones, Penticton

1. Alexander Hall, Penticton
2. Seiji Botts, Vernon

101 and up
1. Amber Kolesar, Penticton
2. Noah Bower, Oliver
3. Lauren Ek, Penticton



13 and 14 male
1. Bryce MacKay, Penticton
2. Tayler Olstad, Penticton

13 and 14 female
1. Emily McNutt, Lumby
2. Sarah Huitema, Lumby
3. Rebecca Pelletier, Lumby

CB 15 and 16 male
1. Tyler Kopp, Armstrong
2. Nathan Penno, Armstrong
3. Mitchell Gunning, Armstrong
3. Michael Moroz, Keremos

CB 19 and over Male
1. Ben Brunet, Oliver
2. James Weir, Penticton
3. Chabard Corentiu, Keremos
3. Issac Brule, Armstrong

CB Senior Female
1. Sarah Martin, Keremos
2. Joanne Meller, Armstrong
3. Takoko Azume, Vernon
3. Kathy Severson, Armstrong

CB Senior Male
1. Chris Bower, Oliver
2. Jay Shaw, Vernon
3. Grant Johnson, Keremos
3. Doug Nimchuk, Keremos

Open Division
1. Melissa Severson, Armstrong
1. Kaylene Albert, Armstrong